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Training Babies to Sleep On Their Own


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As a parent, one of the greatest sacrifices you will ever have to make is your own sleep! To all of you out there; having a baby doesn’t mean you have to be resigned and to accept being tired all the time. I want to reassure you that if your goal is to eventually be able to sleep 10 hours a night, it is possible! Training your baby to sleep on their own to fall asleep and to stay asleep ALL night is possible, I guarantee it!

When women are pregnant, the advice we get the most is; Sleep now while you can! Parents that have been there will pat you in the back only to tell you that you will never enjoy sleep again until your babies are older. That is absolutely not true! Thanks to the sleep method I use, you will be able to sleep, have energy to be productive, take care of your children and do the things you love.


Your child needs to learn how to self-soothe


To be able to sleep through the night, your child needs to develop their own soothing techniques to fall asleep and to stay asleep. The most common self-shooting techniques include sucking their thumb, kicking their legs, or pulling their ears to name a few. Once they master and find the technique that works best for them, they will no longer need you! Unless they are sick, stressed etc…

It might take time for your baby to find what he/she needs to fall asleep unassisted. We have to be patient and support them with the process. Some babies will learn how to self-soothe early on and others will need a little help! Either way, all babies eventually find the technique that works for them. We have to help them, assist them and give them the tools to find their way to slowly drift into the dream world.

To be successful when sleep training your baby, you have to be prepared physically and mentally. However, by focusing on my program for a few days and months you can look forward to years of great sleeping habits for your child. The trade off is obvious!! Being consistent is also the number one thing to remember when sleep training your baby, and you can do it!

Sleep Training Techniques

Any given sleep training method usually has its pros and cons. It is essential to choose one that suits your baby and your parenting style the best. Training babies to sleep on their own using a gentle method is what I recommend if you are looking to teach your little one to fall asleep. Read my other article on my website, https://lullabysleepconsultant.com, to find out more about different sleeping methods. But for now, here are a few short descriptions of some popular sleeping methods.

Cry it out method (1)

The Cry it out method can work although many parents do not want to let their babies to cry endlessly until they call asleep. In this method, the goal is that the babies eventually soothe themselves and learn how to fall asleep without any support from you.


Ferber method (2)

In this method, it is similar to cry it out given that there is training to self-soothe your baby. The difference is that you will go in the room and check on your baby at time intervalS. Every five, ten or even fifteen minutes until she/he is asleep.


Weissbluth method (3)

Weissbluth claims that his method works faster than any others. He says that your baby learns more quickly because you won’t respond to her/his cries. While training babies to sleep on their own, the Weissbluth method claims that by watching your baby’s sleepy cues and putting her/him down as soon as she seems tired is an effective method to help your baby to fall asleep.


Pick up and put down technique

If your baby isn’t settling down on their own, return to the room and pick them up. Hold your baby and cuddle them to calm them down. This is the “pick up” part of the pick up, put down method.

Once your baby has settled down, but is still awake, lay them down again. This is the “put down” part of this sleep training method.

This process continues until your baby eventually goes to sleep, and that may take a long time, which means that this is a sleep training method that requires lots of patience. It can be a frustrating cycle for parents, and it’s very important that you are calm and quiet when you pick your baby up to comfort them.


Chair technique

In the chair method, you place your chair next to the baby’s bed and give her/ him comfort. Every few days, you move the chair away until you are out of the room. It is a gentle method created by Kim West, the Sleep Lady. This method works great for both the older toddlers and younger babies.


Tips on how to make your baby fall asleep fast


  1. Create a strong bedtime routine

Create a predictable and consistent bedtime routine for your baby. Training babies to sleep on their own is possible and I recommend to start by having a strong foundation which all begins with the bedtime routine.

  1. Difference between night and day

If you have a newborn, showing her/him the distinctions between night and day is key. It will set the foundation for a routine and help to establish circadian rhythm.

  1. Adopt simple routines and stick to them

Wake up your baby at the same time in the morning and go to bed at the same time at night; within a 15 minute window. Same thing for naps! Try to put your baby down at the same time throughout the day.

  1. Gentle Soothing before naps

Gently rocking your baby in either your arms or on a rocking chair is a good way to set the drowsy mood for your baby. To set the stage for naps, it’s important to create a calming environment. It will help your baby to transition from play time to nap time. Rocking is only one example of a calming technique you can use. Also, keep the pre-nap short! Whatever you do to soothe your baby, make sure she/he doesn’t fall asleep in your arm! She/he must learn how to fall asleep on their own.

  1. Establish your goals

Every child is unique and every family is different. Before starting the sleep training process, establishing your goals and what you want for your child is extremely important. Do you want to keep breastfeeding? Are you co-sleeping and want her/him to sleep through the night? Or is your goal to wean her/him from the pacifier or the bottle? Whatever your goal is, I can help you achieve it and support you every step of the way.

It is possible!!!


Teaching your child to fall asleep on their own is TOTALLY possible! In some cases you can get the results you want in a few days but in other situations it can take a week or two. Trust your baby and yourself! It’s a team effort, and you must stick to the plan. As consistency is key, if you the parent, change things constantly, it will be hard for your baby to get used to a routine. Your baby will learn what he or she is being taught. Take a few days to teach them how to self-soothe, and they will eventually surprise you and you will see what a great sleeper they are! Your baby will sleep through the night and you will get a full night of sleep too!

As Always, Sleeping Babies = Happy Families


If you have any questions, please send me a message here: https://lullabysleepconsultant.com/contact/


Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a sleep coaching business that helps babies and toddlers sleep through the night and take blissful naps. However, babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own, it’s a skill they must learn. And that’s exactly what we do. As sleep consultants, we support parents and give them tools, to help their children master the ability to become independent sleepers. We have a professional, non-judgmental and breastfeeding-friendly approach, to support all types of parenting styles. Because each child is different and all parents have their own expectations, each case is unique. We use a wide range of coaching methods to fit the child’s age, temperament, and the family’s goals. We will tailor a personalized plan that is special and unique to each situation. We guide parents while their little one is learning this vital and lifelong skill: how to fall asleep on their own. Our step by step sleeping plans are designed to help the children sleep through the night and help parents stay consistent during the program, ensuring that the family is confident with the plan we create together. Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a successful sleep coaching business with a caring, attentive and gentle touch that produces results. Sleeping babies = Happy families. Schedule your FREE 15 mins consultation here: https://lullabysleepconsultant.com/contact/ We ❤️ helping families.

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