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Eve helped us with our 14 month old who was waking 4-8 times in the night, taking an hour to get to sleep and napping sporadically. I felt nervous about sleep training and appreciated Eve's flexible approach. She helped us to understand baby sleep while continuing to make small changes to our sleep plan so that we continued to feel comfortable as parents. It was a tough process and we couldn't have done it on our own. For us, a sleep consultant was essential and Eve worked hard to find solutions that worked for our family. Now my 14 month old sleeps 11 hours without waking, our bedtime routine is 20 blissful minutes and he goes down with no tears. He naps for 2.5 hours each day and we feel like we have our sanity back. Although he was a little anxious at first, the biggest pro of the whole situation has been noticing how much more alert and engaged he is now that he's getting the sleep he needs. I've defiantly shifted from being wary of sleep training to a convert.
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Ashley Johnson
Eve worked with me to help my son 9 month old son get some sound sleep. My son and I both were getting extremely fragmented sleep and needles to say it was painful with 6-8 night time wakings. I reached out to Eve for help. She is very professional, kind and attentive. She returned by phone and email right away and ensured checking in on me almost every day for a week. She genuinely cares about her client and their needs. I am so happy to have her help me through sleep training. It was surely a difficult task. I am glad we are in a better place now.
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Himali Patel
Eve is amazing ! My daughter was sleeping through the night but getting her to go to bed initially was taking up to 2 hours and don’t even get me started on naps. 30 minutes at best and we ended up holding her for most of it because putting her down was becoming an issue. I contacted Eve because the amount of information on the internet was confusing and not helping. She helped us get my daughter on a schedule and the first few days of just a good schedule worked great so then adding in the sleep training techniques that Eve coached us through had made a world of difference ! We’re still getting the naps down but it no longer takes 2 hours for bedtime anymore and naps have improved tremendously. I can’t thank Eve enough for all of her help and for being there every step of the way !
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Victoria Miller
When we hired Eve we were in a really bad spot, nursing and rocking to sleep, baby in our room in a rock n play, waking up several times a night and naps were a nightmare. It could not get any worse than it was. Eve set up a plan for our baby that made us feel comfortable and confident. Her confidence and support made a huge difference in our confidence through this big transition. Eve really took the guesswork out of everything. Every issue or scenario we had she was right there telling us what to do. Our baby was sleeping through the night by the second night with zero wake ups! Naps took longer to figure out and by night 9 I wondered how we were going to make it without Eve after the two weeks but with each issue she had an answer and by day 14 he was doing much better and the advice and confidence Eve gave me was a huge help. If you are having trouble with sleep I highly recommend hiring Eve, you will not be disappointed! We were exhausted and didn’t have any time to ourselves. Now we can put our baby down to bed with a few hours to ourselves at night and I can get things done around the house due to his consistent naps! Game changer! Thank you so much Eve! We are so much more rested and happier, both us and our baby!!
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Rachel Prince-Porter
My 9 month old was sleeping through the night, but still taking three 20 - 30 minute naps during the day and getting fussy instantly. I was impatient for her to switch to a two nap schedule but I saw no signs of that happening, so out of frustration we contacted Eve. She took a careful look at our daily routine and schedule and gave us some suggestions on how to work toward more awake time and two naps. We started the new schedule the next day and it worked brilliantly! She slept longer for both naps and was happier all around. In retrospect she was probably ready for the new schedule months ago, but with so much cautionary advice about "over-tired" babies I was hesitant to try. Eve's knowledge and guidance gave us the confidence we were looking for and I highly recommend other sleep-stressed parents give her a try!
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Emily Phillips
Eve was a life saver! she helped cut our four month old's night wakings from 8 to 2 times a night. We continue to work on building skills with the tools Eve gave us and hopefully she will be sleeping through the night soon. Eve also helped us transition away from the DocATot, swaddle, and binky! I was so grateful to find a gentle sleep training approach from someone who understands a baby's development!
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Rose Hammon
A friend recommended Eve to me. Our first consultation was great. She made me feel like we could transition my 6 month old baby from co-sleeping to sleeping in his own crib. At the time we started the training, my son was sleeping with me in my bed & nursing every 2-3 hours in the evening. Now, my Gage sleeps in his own crib & wakes up 1-2x a night for feedings (we’ll be getting rid of those soon). The BEST part is that he goes to sleep so easily! I used to have to rock him & do all these tricks to get him to sleep for naps & then he would only nap for 30 minutes at a time! That’s when I knew we needed help. Now his naps are anywhere from 45min -2 hours long! He is getting sufficient sleep & can sleep anywhere! Every time I put him to sleep, I think of how grateful I am for the help Eve gave us. •I have my bed back! •Gage goes to sleep right after we put him in the crib without crying. •He naps for a longer period of time. •He can nap anywhere. •I am getting more sleep. It was worth more than what we paid for. Thank you Eve.
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Elissa Villatoro
“I was ready to give up. We had already tried one sleep training training program with minimal improvement to the 2 hour stressful put down of our baby. I thought this was just the way it would have to be. Then I decided to give it one more try and I reached out to Eve. And I am so thankful I did. The education and support that she gave us has been amazing. My husband and I stopped feeling alone in this daunting task and started to gain confidence. We finally had hope that we could have our baby fall asleep without screaming for long periods of time and that he could actually take naps in the day. With her coaching and guidance, I felt an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders and we started to see big improvements. Our stress has gone down and our rest has increased. Eve has been the most wonderful sleep coach and support system, we would not be where we are today without her.”
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Richelle Simpson
I thought the day would never come! Carson is sleeping through the night! Yes! He went from being up 3-5 times a night to sleeping 10 hours in just over a week! Thank you so much Eve Castelo Branco for your knowledge and support! Any mommas out there with the same struggle I highly recommend this program! Changed our lives for sure! ❤️
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Courtney Cooke
I am so happy with Eve and her ability to train me (mostly;) and my baby how to sleep in his crib. I was co-sleeping with my baby for his first four months and I thought he was never going to fall asleep in his crib let alone fall asleep on his own. That is all I asked for. And Eve delivered! I decided to start the training at 5 months and it was the best decision I could have made. Within 3 days he was down to 20 mins of crying before falling asleep and sleeping for most of the night. Not only was my baby sleeping better but so was I. And in less than 2 weeks after training we were off on vacation and I had no issues for the week! He slept in his pack n play in a separate room and I followed the same steps Eve gave me. It really made our first family vacation a pleasure. I recommend speaking with Eve and allowing her to help you if your baby is not sleeping in his/her crib and through the night. She was always available to answer any questions I had and offered daily support during training. It's done wonders for my baby and for our family.
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Teresa Walker
Eve has an incredible wealth of knowledge on the subject of baby sleep. She is confident in her methods and will help guide struggling parents in a caring and compassionate way. I would strongly recommend her to any parents who would like to work through any sleep issues they are experiencing with their little one.
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Leah Miller
Eve was just what we needed. Our 18 months old son was sleeping with us (in our bed) and having a bottle every 2-3 hours (plus he kept waking up between feedings). With Eve counseling and guidance, in only a week, our baby started sleeping on his crib, at his room without waking up for feedings. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6:30am. It’s been a little bit more than a month now. Is amazing how used he is to his routine now. Eve was very sensitive because starting the process was very emotional for me. We are so impressed with the results and so grateful. After a year and a half the three of us can finally rest and enjoy a good night sleep.
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Madelyn Ortiz
"Imagine every night having a new born waking up every hour to breast feed and have their dipper changed. Then add in your toddler waking up 3-4 times a night asking for mama, and to have you come sleep with them until they fall asleep!! Yes, that was my nightly situation, until I contacted Eve, a sleep consult from “Lullaby”, and my life changed! She started right away with a sleep plan for how to deal with my toddler’s sleep patterns. Plus, coaching me how to handle the situations of putting my toddler down for his nap, bedtime, and wake ups in the night. Within a week my toddler was sleeping through the night, by himself... say whaaaaat!?? Yes, Sleeping through the night! No longer calling me in the middle of the night, asking for me to lay down with him until he went back to sleep. IT FELT AND FEELS AMAZING!!!! Not only did my life change, but most importantly his has as well! He is consistently in a better mood, and has less tantrums, because of a restful nights sleep. I highly recommend this sleep program and believe it is absolutely worth it!!! Eve, thank you so much for your knowledge! It is incredible the positive change, it has had on our son. I’m forever grateful 1f64f 1f3fc - Testimonials♥ Eve Castelo Branco"
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Vanessa Reyes-olding
"I attended to one of Eve's workshop and it was absolutely informative. She explains how crucial is for your baby to sleep throughout naps and at night. Also, how important is for babies to sleep appropriately for a healthier development. I can't wait until my little one is old enough to start her sleep training techniques. If your baby has any sleeping problems I would give her a go!"
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Veronica Collazo Marrero
"J’ai adoré les conseils et l’aide d’ Ève, ma consultante en dodo de Bébé. Mon petit Léo, 6 mois, buvait aux deux heures toute la nuit. Impossible de dormir plus de 3 heures d’affilées. Dès qu’il se réveillait, il devait boire. Je ne savais pas quoi faire. Avec les conseils d’Eve, maintenant, Leo ne boit qu’une fois par nuit (mon choix) et dort entre 8 et 11 heures d’affilée ! Allelujia! Il ne faisait aucune sieste de jour, je croyais avoir un bébé qui ne dormait juste pas, mais maintenant, il dort 3 siestes entre 3 et 4:30 en tout par jour. Il est tellement plus joyeux dans ses moments d’éveil! Nous, nous avons une meilleure routine et depuis, mon copain et moi pouvons manger ensemble le soir et dormir !!! Merci Ève !" "I loved the advice and help from eve, my baby-sleeping consultant. My little Leo, 6 months, was drinking at two hours all night. Can't sleep more than 3 hours in a row. As soon as he woke up, he had to drink. I didn't know what to do. With Eve's advice, now leo only drinks once per night (my choice) and sleeps between 8 and 11 hours in a row! Allelujia! He didn't take a day nap, I thought I had a baby that was just not sleeping, but now he sleeps 3 naps between 3 and 4:30 every day. He's so much more cheerful in his waking moments! We have a better routine and since then, my boyfriend and I can eat together at night and sleep!!! Thank you, Eve!"
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Dufour-b Marie-No
Eve was a very kind and professional consultant who took the time to get to know my baby and gave me such valuable information to improve on her sleeping patterns. She asked all the right questions and provided me with great tips. Thanks for the help, Eve!
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Sara Aguilar Youngbar
The coaching tips are based on scientific research and therefore make sense. Consistently is the key. Eve knows what she is teaching.
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Titarenko Alevtyna
What to say about the person who rescued my sanity back... I was so sleep deprived with my new baby AND my toddler waking up through the night that it effected everyone and everything around me. I also had a new job and keeping up with everything seemed impossible. Eve was like an angel in my life. She brought us structure, a plan to follow, was attentive, available and adjusted to my family needs with new ideas with ease. I can’t thank her enough for the help and the patience she had through out the process. I am a better mother, wife and friend because of her help. Thank you so very much Eve!
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Noara Mello
Eve has been incredible, professional, and thorough in understanding our problematic tiny person ! All the right questions were asked in advance and she was well prepared with advices and final solution. Our baby’s sleeping habits are so dinamic and since she is 6 months, we go through many phases and eve has so far managed to help us overcome every obstacle!! If you need help with a stubborn baby - give her a call!!
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Einav Lect Yanay
My baby girl is a great baby, but she would never sleep during the day and I needed help to guide her to nap better and maybe sleep longer at night. Ève helped me to start the program at the right time for my family and me. She was available to answer my questions every step of the way. She would explain everything that is happening to my baby and helped us teach baby to sleep. She was also a great ear and support when needed. We live in Montreal and are physically far from Ève, but it was no problem. She was available when the family needed her and the distance is not an issue whatsoever. Now my dear baby sleeps 12-13hrs at night and naps 3 times for 45 minutes to 2 hours. Baby is more happy, calm and alert to all the beauty she has to discover. You can also imagine that mom and dad are also really happy, rested and we now have time to enjoy time together again as new proud parents. Thank you Ève.
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Cynthia Bernard
I attended one of Eve’s workshops and it was incredibly informative! She took the time to give some great tips and background info, as well as answered many questions that addressed specific concerns of the group. I highly recommend working with her!
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Tammy To-Détraz
Eve was amazing to work with! Her tips and guidance worked wonders for my son! She was always available and very supportive. Within a week, my son was sleeping 10hrs a night! I highly recommend her and I continue to use her for advise as my son gets older!
Joe Wickman
Eve is the best! It is proven she can help babies and their families achieve a good nights rest. I had trouble getting my toddler to bed and using Eve’s method worked.
Kyecka Murdock Nay
My 5 month old daughter was already sleeping through the night for the most part, but in order to get her to nap you had to rock, bounce on a ball, use a pacifier, and hold her the entire length of the nap and still only get about 30 minutes! She was getting more and more fussy during the days and I figured it was just what we were going to have to deal with. After working with Eve and learning about the importance of sleep for a baby as well as how to get her to soothe herself she has started taking better naps without all the tricks! AND she is no longer fussy all day!! Eve has been great through this whole experience, she was only ever just a text or call away whenever I had a question. My baby is not a complete rockstar napper just yet, but the knowledge and skills I gained through working with Eve will get us there!
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Jennifer Lippmann Trevino
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’ve thought I known a lot about baby sleeping, but we still had a problem with our 2 years old daughter during the night. After first consultation with Eve, I began to see clear all my mistakes and some of the professional advices were absolutely new for me! It was so helpful, and even some practice advices I use for other problems now. It works! Result was fast, and I am so thankful to Eve, cause when Mom sleeps well and feel good, all family is happy too! 🙏🏼thank you, Eve!
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Alena Butina
I recently attended a workshop with Eve and it was such a great experience. She explained some of the science behind baby sleep patterns that really helped me to understand why my baby behaves certain ways. Eve's workshop gave me the confidence and the knowledge to quickly sleep train my baby and create a more peaceful and rested environment at home. Don't wait to ask for help from Eve so you can do that same.
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Brit Bober
Eve is a dream. She had a compassionate and holistic approach to sleep training that took into account our family's needs and wants. She is a great listener and a creative thinker. I whole-heartedly would recommend Eve to other parents.
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Johanna Bundon
After attending one of the workshop we decide to give it a try and work with Eve. She is super attentive to each family’s needs and was very helpful with our case which was a little difficult. She helped us reach our goal and we couldn’t be more thankful! Merci beautiful Eve!!
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Caroline Lauzon
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