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Sleep Training Programs

Most parents are overwhelmed, so we overdeliver. With any of the below programs, you will receive 2 complimentary 30 minute follow up calls: we literally are here for you.

Our sleep programs are designed to support your child in developing healthy sleeping habits during specific periods of age. Our manuals are easy to follow, clear, and most importantly, they work. Order below to get access to our incredible sleep training programs, and support!

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6-8 Months

This is the most popular time to start sleep training your child. Babies are capable of sleeping through the night more than ever, and are continuing to form sleeping patterns. This is a fantastic time to lay the foundation for healthy sleeping habits for years to come.


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9-12 Months

This age range typically has many changes, including walking, reducing naps from 3 to 2 and other developmental milestones. This program will help ensure your families sleeping success through these changing times!


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13-18 Months

Your baby is not the baby they once were! They understand you more and more, they are thirsty to learn, walking and communicating more than ever and are on the journey to taking only one nap a day. With this growth, our program will help guide you and your child through these changing seas!


Are These Programs For Me?

There are many options for sleep consulting and support, and to ensure you get what you need, we offer 2 complimentary follow up calls with your purchase. These programs are perfect for you if…

...if your baby

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