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Things You Need to Know About Baby Sleep Training

If you’re a new parent you probably have heard your friends with children tell you “Your peaceful sleep days are behind you”. Let me reassure you, this is far from the truth!

Seeking help and wanting to be educated about sleep is a good thing and I encourage you to ask for help if you need more sleep in your life. Reaching out to baby sleep experts for help is a clever move as they will assist you through the sleep training process.


Now, there are a lot of facts and myths going around about baby sleep training at the moment. Some parents are probably confused as to what to expect from their baby sleep consultant. For all these reasons, it is always better to start with the basics.

What exactly is baby sleep training?

In the simplest terms, baby sleep training, also called baby sleep coaching done by an experienced baby sleep consultant, is a process of helping babies learn to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep, without relying on your help. Sometimes babies tend to wake up in the middle of the night and fuss until their parents attend to them, or feed them or hold them, at which point they may fall back asleep. This can take its toll on the parent’s health and life. While they may be more than happy to do this for their babies, there may come a time where they are ready to sleep at night for more than a few hours in a row, but at the same time want to support their baby to sleep through the night.

Why is sleep training important?

First and foremost, sleep training is important because it teaches your baby not to rely on sleep crutches to fall asleep. By doing this, you are teaching your baby to sleep with the skill to become an independent sleeper. This can allow your baby to develop good sleeping habits later on in life as well. There are many adults nowadays who suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia and other sleeping disorders, which may have stemmed from improper sleeping habits throughout life. Sleep training helps your baby get off to a good start.

Your baby will go through phases where you may feel they are regressing, but by teaching them healthy sleep habits, they have the ability to overcome these unavoidable periods and to resume their great sleeping habits.

What can a baby sleep consultant do for you? baby sleep consultant5 geo 300x300 - Baby Sleep Consultant

A baby sleep consultant can basically help you and your baby sleep better. As a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and owner of Lullaby Sleep Consultant, I have been helping families and their babies sleep deeper and longer! I have been trained by Kim West and as part of her own journey, has developed a gentle sleep training method that has been helping babies fall asleep on their own. With this method, she has been helping babies and toddlers master better sleeping habits for years and years. To ask our baby and toddler Sleep Consultant Expert a question right now, please click here.

Now, the methods used by different sleep consultants may vary. It depends of the parent’s sleeping goals and the age and temperament of the child. It also depends on the general response of the baby to the sleep training techniques.

There may be many reasons why your baby is unable to fall asleep unassisted. Sleep consultants can also help you find out why exactly your baby is not sleeping well and support you as parents throughout the sleep training process. There are many sleep consultants who have developed comprehensive training techniques from their experience. Lullaby Sleep Consultant, uses different methods according to the age of the baby, but the end goal of all of the methods remains the same; a well-rested child and happy parents.

What can a sleep coach do for you? The answer is simple! We help you get a good night of sleep, enjoy more free time for yourself and give you peace of mind that your baby is calm and happily sleeping. We give you the tools to achieve your goals while supporting you with a structure and a personalized plan.

When should I start sleep training for my baby?

The best time to sleep train your baby is when your baby is at least 4 months of age. Before that, babies need to eat and asking them to sleep through the night is not always possible, and not always the best for your child’s health. Getting the calories they need to grow and develop as they should is essential. Most babies will need a few feeds a night until they are 4 or even 6 months old.

4 months is usually the time period when the baby starts developing more organized sleep patterns. Most babies at that age, unless otherwise specified by the pediatrician, will begin to sleep for a longer period throughout the night. Some parents think that it is too late to seek help from a sleep consultant if their children are more than 2 or 3 years old. However, it is totally possible. I have helped babies as young as 4 months old to become independent sleepers. In other cases, I have also helped children above 2 years of age, up to age 4.


How long will sleep training take?

The sleep training program can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks depending on the situation. With consistency, you will get the best results. Also keep in mind that getting coaching and support from a professional will not only help you throughout the baby’s developing age, but will also help your baby achieve independent sleeping habits for the future. It is definitely possible to see results and improvement in your baby’s sleep within days. I see it all the time!

What you need to know about babies sleep training is that it works! And with the right support, consistency and the appropriate approach, your baby’s sleep will improve!

As Always, Sleeping Babies = Happy families

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Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a sleep coaching business that helps babies and toddlers sleep through the night and take blissful naps. However, babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own, it’s a skill they must learn. And that’s exactly what we do. As sleep consultants, we support parents and give them tools, to help their children master the ability to become independent sleepers. We have a professional, non-judgmental and breastfeeding-friendly approach, to support all types of parenting styles. Because each child is different and all parents have their own expectations, each case is unique. We use a wide range of coaching methods to fit the child’s age, temperament, and the family’s goals. We will tailor a personalized plan that is special and unique to each situation. We guide parents while their little one is learning this vital and lifelong skill: how to fall asleep on their own. Our step by step sleeping plans are designed to help the children sleep through the night and help parents stay consistent during the program, ensuring that the family is confident with the plan we create together. Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a successful sleep coaching business with a caring, attentive and gentle touch that produces results. Sleeping babies = Happy families. Schedule your FREE 15 mins consultation here: https://lullabysleepconsultant.com/contact/ We ❤️ helping families.
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