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Tips to help your baby to self-soothe

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Tips to help your baby to self-soothe

Sleep training is a big term with a simple meaning; it helps your baby to fall asleep independently. That being said, it is easier said than done in most cases! Are you looking to learn some tips to help your baby to self-soothe and to fall asleep without your assistance? You landed at the right place, keep reading!

Self-soothing really only becomes an issue around the 4-month mark. Until 3 months, you can support your baby to fall asleep especially if they are overtired. That being, even if your baby is not self-soothing yet, I would recommend fostering good sleep habits following the tips outlined below!


It will be easier for your baby to develop independent sleep skills, if the room is dark. Using white noise machine is also a must. Lastly, swaddle your baby until they are 4 months old, which after that point, the swaddle should go! The idea is that once you set up those positive sleep associations you will then work on removing your assistance when your baby needs to learn to self-soothe. They will still have all those other things to positively associate with sleep, so it will be a lot easier for them to learn who to fall asleep independently. These tips will help your baby to self-soothe, and create an ideal environment to sleep in. 


In order for you and your baby to go through this transition, implementing a structured schedule to your day will help tremendously. As adults, we like routines and most of us will structure our day without even thinking about it. We do it automatically. Babies need that same structure and they will respond well if we give it to them! They like to know what to expect. If you are unsure how you should structure your day, start by looking at the awake times. Read this article if you want to learn more about awake times!


Looking for other tips to help your baby to self-soothe? I love this one, but not all babies will adopt it right away. Introducing a lovey, a teddy, a blanket etc, can absolutely help your baby self-soothe and offer some comfort while learning how to fall asleep independently. That being said, some babies won’t care for it until later, and that’s ok! Keep offering the lovey during the day, and eventually your baby will find some comfort in it. Both of my kids loved using a blanket and they now ask for it when they are tired!

Reach out for help

When and if you are ready to teach your baby to self-soothe, reach out for help and choose a sleep method that fits your parenting style. There are a lot of different sleep programs out there. That being said, if you like to comfort your baby to sleep and this conversation we are having now in the article is not something you identify with, it is not a problem! But if one day you wish to see a change in your baby’s sleep patterns, reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help you and your baby to develop independent sleep skills. 

Consistency and patience

One of the last tips to help your baby to self-soothe is consistency! If you implement new changes and sleep habits, I would recommend doing it for at least 3 days/nights in a row before changing your approach. You may be tempted to try different things everyday, but consistency and patience is key. Your little one needs time to adjust to the new habits! If your baby is older, it may take more time as well…patience!

As mentioned above, you may not need to teach your baby to self-soother just yet. Whenever you are ready, you will have the tools to start the process. My sleep program will definitely help you build independent sleep habits for your little ones. Contact me, I am more than happy to help.

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Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a sleep coaching business that helps babies and toddlers sleep through the night and take blissful naps. However, babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own, it’s a skill they must learn. And that’s exactly what we do. As sleep consultants, we support parents and give them tools, to help their children master the ability to become independent sleepers. We have a professional, non-judgmental and breastfeeding-friendly approach, to support all types of parenting styles. Because each child is different and all parents have their own expectations, each case is unique. We use a wide range of coaching methods to fit the child’s age, temperament, and the family’s goals. We will tailor a personalized plan that is special and unique to each situation. We guide parents while their little one is learning this vital and lifelong skill: how to fall asleep on their own. Our step by step sleeping plans are designed to help the children sleep through the night and help parents stay consistent during the program, ensuring that the family is confident with the plan we create together. Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a successful sleep coaching business with a caring, attentive and gentle touch that produces results. Sleeping babies = Happy families. Schedule your FREE 15 mins consultation here: https://lullabysleepconsultant.com/contact/ We ❤️ helping families.
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