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Tips to cure short naps

How long should your baby nap for? The answer is more complex than you might think, and the truth is that the medical community doesn’t agree on an exact amount of sleep for kids. It varies between 1 ½ - 4 hours a day, depending on the age of the child! That’s quite a vague and wide average, isn’t it? That being said, every…

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Should you wake up a sleeping baby?

Let me know if you recognize yourself in the following scenario:You finally got your baby to fall asleep after trying for an hour. Ooph, well done! You cross your fingers that she will sleep for more than 30 minutes, yet 32 minutes and 17 seconds later, she wakes up. Ahhh!! What is there to do? You just can’t get her to snooze for a…

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Co-sleeping with your baby

You’ll hear me use phrases like “Co-sleeping,” but for most of you, this simply refers to sharing your bed with your baby. Sharing your bed with your baby is a wonderful thing to do, especially with a newborn, who needs a smooth transition from the utero to the “real world.” Sharing your bed also offers a gentle progression for the mother after the birth, as…

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How to help your baby sleep better

What do you need to fall asleep? Do you need to be tucked in? Do you sleep with your clothes on, or do you have to wear an eye mask? Whatever you do to drift into a deep, peaceful slumber, it’s probably part of your routine. That routine provides you with the ultimate comfort so that you have a good night’s sleep.Now that you…

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How long does it take for a baby to fall asleep?

So, you have spent hours soothing your child to sleep. Finally, Baby is sound asleep. Ahhh. Well done!You might be wondering why it took so long. In fact, it is totally normal that Baby is taking a while to transition in to the dream world.Think about your own sleep. When you go to bed, rarely do you fall asleep as soon as your head…

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When to start sleep training my baby?

Whoever thought the simple act of sleeping would require any training? For infants, sleep training is a necessary, important journey to their well-being and one you won’t regret.Sleep training is utilizing specific methods with the end goal of removing the sleep crutches so the baby is able to self-soothe and fall asleep, unassisted. Examples of sleep crutches are: the baby requires nursing, rocking, or…

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